Slavery Statement

Slavery Statement

Our promise – 


Echelon Care Ltd is a provider of varying support and care services to adults over the age of 18, including but not limited to those with dementia, learning disabilities, sensory needs, physical disabilities, palliative, end-of-life care, and a wide range of other support needs.

Here at Echelon Care Ltd, we take Modern Slavery very seriously. Our promise is to ensure through our rigorous recruitment process and training of our staff & assessment of our service users that we will always:

  1. Listen to any concerns from our staff.

  2. Listen to any concerns from our service users.

  3. Act on and report any concerns to the relevant persons i.e., Local Authority & Safeguarding team.

  4. Keep our staff and service users free from harm and abuse.


Modern Slavery is a very serious crime resulting in the abuse of our human rights. It can take on varying forms, such as forced labour, servitude, human trafficking, and slavery.

Our Service users are funded either privately or through Placements into our services that can be funded by, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and other organisations within the health and social care sector. 

Echelon Care Ltd recognises the seriousness of modern slavery and human trafficking, and most importantly the awful effects it can have on the individuals involved. 

Here At Echelon Care Ltd, we are very confident that the rigorous identity and recruitment checks which we carry out on our care workers, this goes some way to ensuring modern slavery is not present within our company. 

Identifying potential victims of modern slavery can be very challenging but something that we are keen to identify should we become aware so that we can keep the person(s) safe.

Echelon Care Ltd accepts that it has a responsibility through our company processes to ensure that care workers are not being exploited, that they are safe in the relevant employment, human rights and health and safety laws are being adhered to, including the freedom to communicate and freedom to move. 

To ensure that all of Echelon Care’s staff have a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking our Modern Slavery Policy and procedure forms part of our induction process that every member of our staff who chooses to join our company will undergo prior to being able to care for our clients. 

Regular training will be provided on the policy of modern slavery, and this will be updated as part of our annual refresher & skills update process. 

Our employees are encouraged to identify and report any potential breaches of our anti-slavery policy and we also promise to protect any whistle-blowers.


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